About the association

Unlike other business services, the funeral industry is one that nobody wants to hear or know about until the very last minute when they need our help to assist in the final journey of a departed loved one.

Historically in Singapore, funeral directors were many and often fractured in the ways of service offerings and levels. Some are not even funeral directors, in the truest sense of the word, plying their services to the bereaved families.

Taking all of this into account, a group of seasoned and professional funeral directors saw the need for a collected industry voice to protect grieving families and to ensure that funeral companies offering funeral director services were professional and honest. This led to the founding of the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore where its Code of Conduct binds members in transparency of services they offer to the public and high standards of quality control.

Today, the government’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) recognizes the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore as the official representative of the funeral industry in Singapore. We work closely with the NEA as a valued partner in ensuring proper funeral services to the public delivered with dignity, care and compassion.